Why Visit Seattle?Edit

One of the main reason you will love your stay at seattle is because of it's wonderfull atmosphere and incredible community. 


What to do?Edit

In Seattle you will find many things to do including:

- Dinning                    - Art and Music Museums 

- Live performance    - Recreational activites 

How to get around?Edit

In seattle you will find many ways to travel around the city some of them are:

- Bus                - Rent a car

- Light rail         - Troley 

You can find information on transportation on the following link Metro King County

Your stay at Seattle Edit

Seattle Vacation Travel Guide Expedia

Seattle Vacation Travel Guide Expedia

Having second thoughts? Watch this!

You might stay at the dorms or maybe at an apartment, but you can not beat staying at these wonderfull places.  

Xavier Dorms

If you are staying at Xavier dorms you might want to check this out: Xavier .

Music and Art Seattle Edit

You might want to experience something different at your stay in the Seattle area, why not let yourself be romanced by it's relaxing atmosphere and awsome music and art. 

Follow the link to learn more Music and Art .

Points of interes in SeattleEdit

You must live this!!!  Do not forget to visit Space Needle to have the opportunity of watching the city from the sky.

Learn more from: Space Needle

Do not leave town without living this savage experience. With more then 100 species this is a zoo you do not want to miss. 

Learn more from: Seattle Zoo

Dining in SeattleEdit

Wanna get some food? Then you might want to try some of these places. 

Learn more from the following link: FOOD